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Why Study Spanish in Spain at Alhambra Instituto?

Why Study Spanish in Spain at Alhambra Instituto?

Learn Spanish in Spain much faster than with traditional learning methods, with knowledge of Spanish you create infinite possibilities. Learn Spanish means to acquire skills which you can improve your professional and personal quality of life. 10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Spain We are a traditional Spanish school for foreigners with a family-friendly atmosphere, [...]
Why Study Spanish in Spain?

Why Study Spanish in Spain?

Spanish is an official language on four continents Why do you need to learn Spanish? In most countries, specifically the US, residents are not required to study the Spanish language or any other foreign language except English. But that was just a thing of the past because globalization has urged everyone to be competitive and [...]

Register Now in a Spanish language Course in Malaga

Ready to apply for your Spanish course with Alhambra Instituto? Simply fill out and submit the application form and we will address your application within 1 working day. STEP 1: Select an Alhambra I. Spanish course/s STEP 2: Enter your Personal Details STEP 3: Accommodation and Airport Pick-up Service if you need STEP 4: Check & Submit application READ MORE…

Experienced Spanish Teachers

The Alhambra Institute of Spanish has the finest language teachers available in Spain, our teachers are native speaking University Graduates from Spain, so you will learn an authentic accent and proper grammar and receive the best possible teaching. If you are planning a trip, then nothing beats local knowledge, they can help you plan your […]

Spanish for Teenagers Groups

Jump into adventure with Spanish programs for youth aged 12-18. The climate of Malaga is so good that during the offseason it is still a fantastic destination where to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Connect, learn, and explore with youth from around the world. We work on Spanish courses specially designed to cater for teenager language […]

Spanish Course and Feria in Malaga

Alhambra Instituto offers you a special studying program to improve your Spanish and to become a witness of the most important celebration of the year in Costa del Sol – Feria de Malaga! This studying program starts on 18th of August! To participate in this interesting Spanish Language Course during the Feria in Málaga you […]